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If you attend Whitworth in the Evening, you're an adult student who brings a great deal of experience and prior learning into the classroom. We build our classes so that you can learn together with and from other adults just like you. In addition, you get to glean from the expertise and practical knowledge that each instructor brings into the classroom. It's the best of both worlds: higher education and professional expertise.

Degree Requirements
For all majors, students are required to meet all Whitworth University graduation requirements, including general education requirements; 36 semester credits of upper division (300-400) coursework; a 2.0 average in all Whitworth courses and all courses in the declared major; and a total of 126 semester credits.

General Education Requirements

Biblical Literature
Oral Communication
Written Communication
Fine Arts
Social Sciences
Worldview Studies
Fitness and Wellness
World Languages
American Diversity Studies
Global Perspectives
Math or Statistics
Natural Sciences

*For evening students only, the world language requirement may be met in the following ways: a three-credit conversational language course specifically designed for Whitworth evening students; a full year (eight semester credits or 15 quarter credits) of a language at Whitworth or another university.

How Credits Transfer

  • Transfer of Washington state community college A.A. degree:
    A student transferring to Whitworth with an associate of arts (A.A.) degree from a community college in Washington (approved by the Intercollege Relations Commission for the State of Washington), Colorado, Oregon, Montana, the Community College of Southern Idaho, North Idaho College, or with an associate of science (A.S.) degree from a community college in Washington, will receive the following:
    • junior standing (60 semester credits);
    • transfer credit of a maximum of 96 quarter credits or 64 semester credits;
    • waiver of all general requirements with the following exceptions, Core 300, Reason and Knowing, Biblical Literature, and World Language (can be met with Whitworth 3-credit language course offered in the evening; or, 8-semester or 15-quarter credits of transfer)

  • Transfer of Washington state community college A.A.S. degree. See Bachelor of Liberal Studies "Upside-Down" Degree.

  • Whitworth will accept applicable undergraduate and graduate work transferred from regionally accredited institutions. For institutions without regional accreditation, transfer of credit will be considered if the credibility of the institution can be supported by the "three-letter rule," which states that it is the responsibility of the student to provide letters from three regionally accredited institutions certifying that they will accept credit from the institution from which the student is seeking credit. A total of two-thirds credit will be awarded to non-regionally accredited Bible schools that hold an ABHE accreditation.

  • Additional Transfer Credit Information


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