Communication Studies

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Course Syllabi

JMC 125 Writing for Mass Media Jackson
JMC 236 Introduction to Radio Broadcasting Edlin-Marlowe
JMC 245 Applied Journalism: The Whitworthian McPherson
JMC-SP 246 Applied Journalism: Radio


JMC 247 Applied Journalism: Yearbook Wisenor
JMC 315 Media Criticism McPherson
JMC 325W Reporting for Mass Media McPherson
JMC 336 Introduction to Television Broadcasting Bayman
JMC 343 Editing, Layout & Design McPherson
JMC 362W Article and Feature Writing Jackson
JMC 402 Mass Media Law Salkin


Communication Ethics Jackson
SP 113 Interpersonal Communication Mikkelson
SP 210 Introduction to Public Speaking


SP/JMC 212 Theories of Human Communication Pyle
SP 223 Small Group Communication Vigil
SP/TH 336 Gospel Proclamation Bayman
SP/TH 338 Small-Group Ministry Cleveland
SP 347W History and Theory of Rhetoric Pyle
SP 396 Topics in Speech Communication: African-American Preaching Pyle
SP 398 Intercultural Communication Vigil
SP 402 Freedom and Responsibility of Speech Salkin
SP 410 Advanced Public Speaking Benson