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Student Newspaper Earns Northwest Journalism Awards

Whitworth's student newspaper, The Whitworthian, made a strong 2001 showing in both the Greater Northwest Student Journalism Awards and the Excellence in Journalism awards of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) Inland Northwest Chapter College Competition.

The Whitworthian took two first-place awards and two second-place awards at the Excellence in Journalism College Competition Awards. In the SPJ Excellence Awards, The Whitworthian claimed one first-place award, three second-place awards, and one honorable mention.

"I am very pleased with the awards this year," says Virginia Whitehouse, associate professor of communication studies and 2000-01Whitworthian advisor. "Our staff worked hard and took risks, branching out to tackle controversial issues enthusiastically and appropriately. I am very proud of the entire staff. The awards reflect their hard work."

Both sets of awards were handed out in May 2001. The SPJ excellence awards covered newspapers during the year 2000, while the Excellence in Journalism Awards included only January and February of 2001.

"The Whitworthian has come a long way," says 2000-01 Whitworthian Editor-in-Chief Brooke Evans. "We have won awards before, but these (most recent) honors were by far the most individual awards won by the paper. The staff this year worked incredibly hard to build the paper and its reputation. They did a great job and these awards are a true testament to their efforts."

SPJ's Inland Northwest Chapter College Competition awards went to Peter Metcalf, honorable mention in general news writing for "Admissions brochure raises questions"; Victoria Klump, second place in feature photography for "Art professor struggles with illness through drawings"; Benjamin Parker and Shannon Stetner, first place in photo page photography for "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown"; Shannon Stetner, Nicole Bowman and Nathan Timpano, second place in photo page photography for " Celebrating Culture," and Roger Sandberg and Ryan Moede second place in sports writing for "Dollars define divisions."

In the Greater Northwest Student Journalism Awards, Kelly Schanzenbach and Kelly Siebe took first place in general news writing for their article on the drug Ecstasy. Photographer Meagan Stirling took first place in illustrations for her photo illustration about eating disorders. The Whitworthian took home two awards for photo essay with Benjamin Parker and Shannon Stetner taking second place for a basketball spread and Shannon Stetner, Jennifer Brandler and Benjamin Parker securing an honorable mention for a spread about the 2001 spring play "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown." Finally, in editorials Matthew Kaemingk took second place for his piece, "Students need to discuss porn-filtering."

"This is just the beginning for The Whitworthian," Evans says. "It will continue to grow and get better with each passing year."

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