Core/Worldview Studies
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Whitworth University Core/Worldview Studies

Core courses are interdisciplinary, thematic courses designed to acquaint Whitworth students with the definitions and implications of Christian and non-Christian worldviews. All full-time matriculated day students are required to take Core 150 (Christian Worldview Perspectives), Core 250 (The Rationalist Worldview), and Core 350 (Applied Ethics, Public Policy and Worldviews) as part of the general graduation requirements.

Core Courses:

CO 150 Western Civilization I: Jewish and Christian Worldviews
This initial worldview course focuses on theology, anthropology, and the nature of God and humanity. The course emphasizes key theological concerns and how those concerns work themselves out in daily life. Issues to be explored include Jewish and Christian theological assumptions about God and humans, as well as the implications of these assumptions for ethics, work, leisure, creativity, diversity, scientific inquiry, resource allocation, global citizenship and technological innovation. Fall and spring semesters.

CO 250 Western Civilization II: The Rationalist Worldview
The guiding topics for this second course are epistemology/hermeneutics and metaphysics, the nature of knowledge and reality and the interpretation of such knowledge. Explores epistemological/hermeneutical or metaphysical assumptions and their practical application in human affairs, whether evident in the humanities, the arts, or the sciences. Fall and spring semesters and summer.

CO 300 Western Civilization II: The Rationalist Worldview
This worldview course for evening degree program students focuses on epistemology, metaphysics and questions of human nature within the complex traditions of Christian and Rationalist worldviews, from the Hebrews and Greeks in ancient times through the 19th- and 20th-century challenges to Rationalist assumptions.

CO 350 Western Civilization lll: Applied Ethics, Public Policy and Worldviews
Ethics and politics become windows through which one explores the ways that biblical virtues such as justice, compassion, mercy, equity, humility and integrity offer viable alternatives to the cultural norms evident in contemporary Western culture. A wide variety of issues with appropriate historical and scientific contextualization are included in the discussion: racism, sexism, poverty, media and the arts, and challenges presented by technology. Fall and spring semesters.


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