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Metamorphosis: Whitworth Summer Program
for Gifted Children

A one-week nonresidential program for students entering grades 4-6

Who am I? What are my specific gifts and talents? What can I know about my place in the world? At Camp Metamorphosis, gifted youth find many answers to these questions while exploring interesting academic areas, such as:

  • Art: Create a Masterpiece
  • Author Study: Diving into Style
  • Cool Colors, Cool Chemistry
  • Dance: Expression Beyond Words
  • Drama: Act Your Story Out Loud
  • Gaming: Go Beyond the Board
  • Geometry: Shape & Space Explorations
  • Journalism: Just the Facts!
  • Lights! Camera! Action! Movie Making
  • Physics: Think it? Then Build it!
  • Reduce, Reuse & Recycled Art

Camp Metamorphosis is where gifted and talented youth can be unique individuals excelling together!

CAMP METAMORPHOSIS is now FULL. Please contact Sharon Page at to be placed on a waitlist.
When: July 14-18, 2014 | Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Where: Whitworth's Main Campus, 300 W. Hawthorne, Spokane
Cost: $250 per participant

What the Academic Areas Include:

Art: Create a Masterpiece
This course will examine influential artists and their techniques. Participants will learn about the artist and how to apply their technique, method and materials to create their own original artwork. A variety of artistic mediums will be explored.

Author Study: Diving Into Style
Books come alive in this class designed to examine different popular authors and their writing style. Participants will spend time reading, analyzing and discussing literature, as well as writing in the style of an author of choice.

Cool Colors, Cool Chemistry
Explore a rainbow of colors through chemistry. Experiment with acids and bases, pigments and inks, and chemical reactions as we explore how color and chemical reactions work together to make our technicolor world. During the week we will make rainbow wands, chromatography T-shirts, and our own special disappearing ink as we explore many more scientific discoveries in color.

Dance: Expressions Beyond Words
When you don't know what to say, dance! An investigation into the ways that symbolism and emotion can be represented through dance, then a chance for students to create a personal text, such as a journal entry, monologue, dialogue, or a poem, to express through dance instead of through words.

Gamers: Go Beyond the Board
Love board games? Enjoy games of challenge, strategy and fun? Then, join us for some fun with games! Spend time playing board games of all types with other campers. After exploring many favorite games and learning new ones, use your knowledge to create your own board game, teach it and share it with other campers.

Geometry: Shape & Space Explorations
Geometry is all around us in every part of our environment. Explore the application of geometry in nature and creating spaces.

Welcome to the Newsroom
There are all sorts of great stories around us every day -- let's talk to people, take some pictures and write articles for our own online newspaper! Students will learn about interviewing, article writing, editing, photojournalism and online publications while working in their own "newsroom."

Lights! Camera! Action! -- Movie Making
Whether you're in search of fame and fortune, or you view yourself as a future documentary film maker unveiling life's mysteries, this class is for you! Come and explore story boarding, dialogue creation, set design, camera operation and Microsoft Movie Maker. Campers' movies/documentaries will be viewed during the end of camp showcase.

Physics -- Think it? Then Build it!
How do the basic principles of physics help you in navigating in your everyday life? You will apply classical methods of motion, energy, force, optics, acoustics and others to discover wonders in the world around you.

Drama: Act Your Story Out Loud
Spend the week acting your story out loud through skits, role play, and a small dramatic presentation. Students will learn basic acting techniques and theatre terminology. This class will also teach students how to work together in groups, use their imagination, think critically, and solve problems while expressing themselves creatively.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycled Art!
This class will focus on using found objects in artwork. As campers explore various artistic principles, they will have the opportunity to make creations from recycled school supplies and other repurposed materials. Campers will make woven magazine baskets, plastic and metal lid sculptures and a "Chihulyesque" hanging bottle chandelier. All artwork will be displayed at the end of the showcase.

What You Can Expect:

In addition to group team building activities, you will explore three academic areas of interest you choose. With knowledge and enthusiasm, our faculty experts will guide you through fun learning adventures.

Your camp day will look like...
Mind Map for the Day: 9-9:10 a.m.
Meeting as a group to discuss the day's upcoming activities
Personal Leadership-Making Sound Decisions in Teams: 9:10-9:50 a.m.
Figure out "Who did it?" "How do we get out of this predicament?" "What can we do to all come out ahead?" and other problems and decisions. The simulations, games and activities create interesting situations of leadership, collaboration, self-understanding and appreciating others talents as well. Some of the activities include surviving a bushfire, negotiating the Forbidden Desert, figuring out what "winning as much as you can" means, assisting Mr. Holmes solve a mystery at 221B Baker Street, and surviving a tsunami. Campers will utilize the self-knowledge from these experiences to contribute to their camp silhouette of their growing self-awareness through the week.

Interest Area Selections, 10 a.m.-3:25 p.m.
Each participant will select three of the academic areas to focus on for the entire week.

Session One: 10-11:25 a.m.
Lunch: 11:25 a.m.-12:25 p.m.
Session Two: 12:25-1:50 p.m.
Session Three: 2-3:25 p.m.


The Power of the Story & Reflection of the Day, 3:40-4:30 p.m.
We remember stories. They carry feelings, facts, impressions and experiences. This class will put a pencil in the campers' hands as they interview other campers, parents, grandparents, siblings and friends to find out their stories. The experience will help campers break from relying on the "single story," practice the art of listening, and experience empathy - "the highest form of critical thinking." The campers will give others a gift of listening, and they will enhance their own listening and writing skills while defining key themes in the others' stories.



What Campers and Parents Said About Camp Metamorphosis in 2013:

What campers and parents said when asked which aspects of Camp Metamorphosis they enjoyed most:

Campers wrote:

"Being with like-minded kids who get me!" "

"The kids and teachers were friendly and I learned fun things that I never would have learned at school."

Parents wrote:

"He loved it! Every day, he said he liked it even more than the day before! Awesome course offerings, great structure/length of day."

"He was thrilled to be able to move quickly through materials. He loved all the creative & artistic class offerings. I was amazed to see my son, typically an apprehensive-to-new-things child, be so excited to be at camp. Well done!"

Still Have Questions?

Please call Whitworth University’s Center for Gifted Education and Professional Development at 509.777.3226.


Center for Gifted Education

Kathryn Picanco
Director, Center for Gifted Education



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