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  • M.A. and Gifted Education Specialty Endorsement
  • Only university in Washington with a degree in gifted education
  • Complete your specialty endorsement in one year
  • Online and on-campus options
  • Courses and institutes for professional development
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Degree & Professional Development Programs

  • Master of Arts in Teaching, Emphasis in Gifted and Talented

    Whitworth’s innovative master’s degree program is designed to train educators to meet the particular academic and social-emotional needs of the gifted learner while empowering all students to be successful. Candidates study research-based instruction techniques, explore current trends, and develop curriculum to meet the unique and accelerated learning needs of gifted and talented students. Educators will gain a deep understanding of current teaching theory and will help students to develop the skills to translate this knowledge into a classroom setting that engages both the highly capable learner and mainstream students.

    This NCATE-accredited program was created with working educators like you in mind. Enjoy the benefits of a respected university with the freedom of online classes, or, if you prefer, choose a combination of online and on-campus classes that allow you to interact with your instructors and fellow classmates face-to-face. You decide what will work best for you.

    Required Core Education Courses: 13 credits (available online or on campus)

    Course Number Course Title Credits
    EDU 501 Advanced Educational Psychology (spring online, summer online) 3
    EDU 502 Curriculum Development (summer on campus, fall online) 3
    EDU 515 Educational Research (spring on campus and online, summer on campus) 4
    EDU 550 Core: Milestones in Education (fall on campus and online, spring on campus) 3

    Required Gifted and Talented Courses: 14 credits (available online or on campus)

    Course Number Course Title Credits
    EDG 551 Nature and Needs of the Gifted Learner (spring online) 3
    EDG 552
    EDG 571
    Teaching for Independence and Responsibility (summer on campus)
    Teaching the Underachiever
    EDG 553 Creativity and Analytical Thinking (fall online, even years) 3
    EDG 554 Strategies and Instructional Models for Challenging Bright Students (spring online) 3
    EDG 581
    EDG 596
    Practicum: Gifted and Talented
    Graduate Research Project (if appropriate)

    Electives: 6-7 credits (available online or on campus)

    A limit of seven semester credits of approved Whitworth Gifted & Talented professional development classes may be applied to the degree. Your advisor will assist you in selection of electives to meet your educational goals. All electives must be approved by the assistant director of Graduate Studies in Education.

  • Gifted Education Specialty Endorsement

    Gifted students, an often-overlooked group in student populations, need a particular type of instruction to thrive in school and in society. This specialty endorsement emphasizes curricular and instructional needs of students and focuses on strategies for identifying and reaching exceptional students in both mixed-ability and self-contained classrooms.

    The specialty endorsement is available online, or you may speak with an advisor to discuss on-campus options. Earn your specialty endorsement in just one year.

    Course Number Course Title Credits
    EDG 528/OL New Directions in Gifted Education 1
    EDG 551/OL Nature and Needs of the Gifted Learner 3
    EDG 554/OL Strategies & Instructional Models for Challenging Bright Students 3
    EDG 508/OL Differentiating Instruction for Highly Capable Students 1
    EDG 581/G Field Study (complete in you district location or arrange with the supervisor) 1
    Electives Credits relating to gifted education from at least two sources (classes, conferences, etc.) 2 credits minimum
    Portfolio Final assessment to demonstrate evidence of knowledge & skills to meet Washington state standards and competencies  
  • Professional Development

    Whether you are looking to add to your teaching toolkit or working on an endorsement and/or master’s degree, Whitworth offers courses and institutes for professional development to help you meet your goals.

    For more information, please contact the Whitworth Center for Gifted Education at 509.777.3226 or gifted@whitworth.edu.

    Summer 2014 Course Schedule

    * Denotes courses that may be used as electives for the Gifted Education Specialty Endorsement or the Master of Arts in Teaching Gifted and Talented offered at Whitworth.
    ** Denotes required course for the Gifted Education Specialty Endorsement offered at Whitworth.

    Challenging Students through Cluster Grouping – EDG 520/OL*
    Cluster grouping of students for instructional purposes is a programming strategy that can be used to meet the needs of high-achieving and gifted students in the regular classroom. When teachers try to meet the diverse learning needs of all students, it becomes extremely difficult for them to provide adequately for everyone. Cluster grouping provides full-time services to high-achieving, high-ability students while assisting all students in improving their academic achievement and educational efficacy. It also leads to improved classroom behavior and raises the performance of all students. This course will focus on the theoretical rationale and research supporting this model as well as on practical methods for organizing the cluster groups, providing staff development, and differentiating lessons by injecting challenge, interest, and student ideas into class assignments.

    Instructor: Carol Mahoney
    Location: Online
    Dates: June 18-July 16
    1 semester credit: Tuition: $555

    Differentiating Instruction for Highly Capable Learners – EDG 508**
    Learn how to apply differentiation to your content and your grade level. Participants will focus on flexible grouping strategies and ways to organize a multi-level classroom in all subjects using extension activities, tiered assignments, and the parallel curriculum. Learn a variety of ways to design standards-based lessons that will reach all learners and maximize instructional time in all content areas.

    Choose one:

    Instructor: Brandi Maynard
    Location: Online
    Dates: June 18-July 16
    1 semester credit: Tuition: $555
    Instructor: Joni Brock and Brandi Maynard
    Location: Whitworth Campus
    Dates & *Time: June 23-24, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.
    1 semester credit: Tuition: $555

    Developing Curriculum – EDG 512/G*

    Create a personalized curriculum for your next school term working with the instructor on an individualized basis. Implement your current summer coursework by applying your information to your fall classroom assignments. Adapt regular units and textbooks to include formative assessment, student voice, differentiation, and culturally responsive strategies.

    Instructor: Carol Mahoney
    Location: Dixon Hall on June 14, then as arranged with instructor
    Dates: June 14-Aug. 8
    Time: Saturday, June 14, 9 a.m.-3 p.m., then as arranged with instructor
    1 or 2 semester credits: Tuition $555 for 1 credit, $1,110 for 2 credits

    Application of Theory into Practice – EDG 516/G*
    Take what you've learned about education and put it into practice working with K-12 students at one of Whitworth's programs for gifted youth. This experience will include developing and implementing a learning activity for participants in a specific content area, as well as assisting program staff. Programs include Camp Metamorphosis for grades 4-6 and Camp Opportunity for grades 7-9.

    Instructor: Kim Weathers
    Location: Whitworth Campus Dates: July 7-Aug. 8
    Time: On July 7, meet from 9 a.m.-noon with instructor. Then choose one youth program to participate in for 15 hours: July 14-18 (Grades 4-6) or July 28-Aug. 1 (Grades 7-9) from 9-noon daily.
    1 semester credit: Tuition $555

    The Process and Procedures for the Identification of Gifted Students – EDG 504/OL*
    This course concentrates on how to develop plans for screening and identifying highly capable students in grades K-12. Topics include how to select effective and appropriate tools for screening and selection, measurement issues that must be understood by screening committees, and how to design selection procedures that are defensible, effective and efficient.

    Instructor: Gail Hanninen
    Location: Online
    Dates: July 14-Aug. 8
    1 semester credit: Tuition $555


    Personalizing Learning through Differentiation and Technology Institute
    Personalizing Learning through Differentiation and Technology is a three-day institute that provides participants with the underlying philosophy of differentiation and practical strategies for implementing differentiation in classrooms, schools, and districts. In a personalized learning environment, students understand how they learn best and teachers are more responsive to these differences through the use of a variety of instructional strategies. Through the use of technology and other teaching and learning strategies, we can attend to student differences more effectively. Educators who want information and practical help with expanding their use of differentiation will find the institute an invaluable resource. Marcia Imbeau, Brian Housand, Jann Leppien, and Kathryn Picanco lead the list of prominent researchers and teachers in the field of differentiation who will present at this institute. Learn more here!

    Location: Whitworth Campus
    Dates: June 25-27
    Time: 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
    Tuition $350. One semester credit available for an additional $85.

    Educational Insights and Wellness Revitalization
    This workshop will assist new and experienced teachers in enhancing their teaching strategies and providing the tools to become more effective in the classroom. The course helps teachers equip students to 1) master the basics, 2) prepare for college or employment, and 3) cope in the real world. Wellness revitalization helps participants acquire the knowledge and skills to maintain an active, healthy life. Come away from both classes with a refreshed and revitalized outlook on teaching. To register, go to http://educationalstrategiesworkshop.com/201-summer-workshop. Do not register through Whitworth. For more information e-mail giamfbwesw@msn.com or call Rick Giampietri at 509.924.9263 (home) or 509.701.5100 (cell).
    Location: Mirabeau Park Hotel, in Spokane Valley, Wash.

    Dates: July 14-18
    Time: 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
    Conference fee includes three semester credits from Whitworth. Grade is P/NC.

    Inland Northwest Advanced Placement Summer Institute
    Subject-specific courses equip K-12 teachers with content and resources to engage students in high-level learning; to ensure that students develop skills, habits of mind and concepts to succeed in higher education; and to refine and improve content instruction. Participants develop syllabi, lesson plans, goals, objectives, content instruction to enhance their teaching. AP offerings include Biology, Calculus AB and BC, Chemistry, Computer Science, English Language, English Literature, Environmental Science, French, Human Geography, Physics, Spanish, Statistics, Studio Art, U.S. Government and Politics, U.S. History, World History. To register, go to www.spokaneschools.org/APSummerInstitute. Do not register through Whitworth. For additional information, e-mail INWAPSI@spokaneschools.org.

    Location: Ferris High School, Spokane
    Dates: July 28-31
    Time: 8 a.m.4 p.m.
    Two semester credits are available from Whitworth for an additional $200. Grade is P/NC.

    For more information, please contact the Whitworth Center for Gifted Education at 509.777.3226 or gifted@whitworth.edu.