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Endorsements/Pathway 2

Pathway 2 allows teachers to add an endorsement if they hold a similar endorsement in terms of instructional methodology and content skills. Candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Hold a similar endorsement on a valid Washington state certificate
    (column 2 of Pathway 1 and 2 chart)
    with 90 days of teaching experience in that subject area.
  • Pass the content exam in the desired similar endorsement. (www.west.nesinc.com)
  • Apply to a college/university that offers a state-approved endorsement program for the desired endorsement.
  • Successfully complete the pedagogy assessments in a classroom of the desired endorsement (observed by a content-area expert).
  • The deadline to sign up to complete a Pedagogy Assessment with a Pathway 2 supervisor is the first business day of each month during the academic year.  If payment and application materials are received by that date, the work can begin by the 15th of that same month.  For example, if you would like to begin the Pathway 2 program in February, your application and payment must be received no later than February 3rd, 2014 and the work will begin no later than February 15th.  The last month to sign up is April. 
Washington State Approved Endorsements via Pathway 2
Current Endorsement Held Endorsements Offered at Whitworth via Pathway 2
(desired endorsement)
Chemistry Mathematics
Elementary Education Reading
English Language Learners French or Spanish (For World Language endorsements, contact Cathy Stephens at
509. 777.4405 or cstephens@whitworth.edu
for testing information.)
English/Language Arts Social Studies or History or Theatre Arts
History English/Language Arts
Mathematics Physics
Middle-Level Math Mathematics
Middle-Level Science Science
Pre 2007 Middle-Level Math/Science Mathematics or Science
Physics Mathematics
Social Studies English/Language Arts
Special Education Elementary Education or Early Childhood Special Education

Pathway 2 Eligibility and Process at Whitworth University

Candidates are eligible to add an endorsement via Pathway 2 at Whitworth if they meet the following requirements:

  • passing score on the appropriate content exam for the desired endorsement (www.west.nesinc.com);
  • minimum of 90 days teaching experience in a public or state-approved private school in the subject of the current endorsement held (left-hand column above); current status as a contracted teacher or long-term substitute teacher at a Washington state public school or state-approved private school is preferred, though not required;
  • employer and building-administrator support (or support from the school district and building administrator where the pedagogy assessment will be conducted) for completing the Pathway 2 Pedagogy Assessment;
  • successful completion of the pedagogy assessment administered by a content expert in a classroom of the desired endorsement.

Process for adding an endorsement via Pathway 2 at Whitworth:

After a thorough review of your application, Cathy Stephens, Director of the Educational Certification & Career Services Office, will contact you.

Non-refundable fees include the following:

  • $1,400 for a pedagogy assessment (2 to 4 visits);
  • a minimum of a $110 mileage/travel-time fee based upon your school's location relative to Whitworth