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About the Program

The Whitworth Evening Teacher Certification Program, a collaborative effort between the School of Education and Whitworth Continuing Studies, allows adults who work full time to complete a teacher certification program in an accelerated evening and Saturday format. Students accepted into this program can earn a bachelor of arts in elementary education with their Washington state teacher certification while those currently holding a college degree can complete the requirements for certification only. Post-baccalaureate students can enroll in the 500 level of designated courses and apply up to 18 semester credits as electives if accepted to a Whitworth Graduate Studies in Education program (within four years of ETC program completion).

The conceptual framework for the Whitworth School of Education provides the theoretical model for all programs. The mission of the School of Education is to prepare educators of mind and heart who are scholars, community members, visionary leaders, effective practitioners and guardians. The School of Education provides educators with opportunities to study established and emerging content, and to gain pedagogical and professional knowledge for the integration of theory and practice. It is expected that educators prepared at Whitworth University will have a positive impact upon the learning and development of the students and adults they are called to serve.