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Preliminary Requirements

Before enrolling in education cohort coursework, students should have completed the following:

  1. Whitworth General University Requirements for Continuing Studies students that are not met by education program coursework or content courses. These are Worldview Studies, Biblical Literature, Modern Language, Fine Arts, Written Communication, Kinesiology and Athletics, and Humanities. This requirement applies only to students seeking a bachelor of arts degree.

  2. Required coursework for all elementary certification candidates in the following areas:
    Natural sciences: Both a life science and a physical science (one must include a lab)
    Social sciences: U.S. history, civics, Pacific Northwest history, economics and geography. These requirements may have been met by transfer credit, but can be completed through the Whitworth evening program. Two courses have been developed for evening students that meet four of the social science requirements. The fifth is met by the curriculum of the elementary-education major.

  3. The coursework for an academic area of concentration. Students must complete 20 semester credits in an endorsable discipline such as language arts, social studies, science, art, English, mathematics, history or special education.

  4. The education prerequisites, EDE 202 Exploring Teaching and EDE 203 Exploring Teaching: Field Experience. more