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Master's Option

The Master of Education in Elementary Education has the following degree requirements:

Required core courses
EDU 501 Advanced Educational Psychology (3 credits)

One of the following
EDU 502 Curriculum Development (3 credits)
EDA 513 Instructional Leadership (3 credits)

EDU 515 Educational Research (4 credits)
EDU 550 Core: Milestones in Education (3 credits)

Theme-of-study courses
Electives chosen with the assistance of your advisor to meet individual professional goals at either the elementary or secondary level. May not include more than six semester credits of approved graduate-level Whitworth short courses (18 semester credits)

The completion of one of the following: 3 or 6 credits
EDU 596 Graduate Research Project (3 credits)
or EDU 598 Thesis (6 credits)
(Take three semester credits fewer in theme-of-study courses if EDU 598
is completed)

Successful completion of the following
EDU 597 Exit Exam/Project (0 credits)

NOTE: A technology component will be added to these programs as soon as appropriate approval is in place.

Students may apply to Graduate Studies for conditional admission status after completing at least 6 graduate credits. A candidate who successfully completes cohort coursework is eligible for certification and may apply within 4 years for full admission to the Master in Elementary Education program. If accepted, the theme-of-study requirement may be satisfied by taking up to 18 credits of cohort curriculum courses at the graduate level. more Six credits are satisfied by replacing comparable cohort courses (EDE 204 and EDE 401W) with EDU 501 and EDU 550. An additional 10 credits are needed to complete the M.Ed.