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Benchmark Requirements

The WhitworthEvening Teacher Certification Program has transition points, or benchmarks, at which candidate competency, according to the standards and conceptual framework, is assessed. The table below describes the benchmarks and the corresponding performance- evidence data collected. Full admission to the School of Education and the Evening Teacher Certification Program requires that a candidate has demonstrated potential for success in the teaching profession. Conditional admission may be granted if there are areas in which competency must be demonstrated or strengthened, with steps toward improvement clearly documented.



Admission Interview

  • WEST-B: Reading , Mathematics & Writing
  • Academic evaluation: Transfer (2.5) or Whitworth (3.0) GPA
  • Successful EDE 203 field experience
  • Evaluation of Essential Attributes
  • Technology proficiency

    Status: Initial Admission w/o Conditions or Conditional Admission

Mid- Program Review

  • Academic evaluation: Whitworth GPA (3.0)
  • Successful EDE 342 instructional practicum
  • Evaluation of essential attributes
  • Fingerprinting clearance
  • Portfolio
  • Student teaching application
  • West E registration
    Status: Full or Conditional Admission

Student Teaching Admission

  • Academic evaluation: Whitworth GPA (3.0)
  • Successful EDE 442 instructional practicum in progress
  • Evaluation of essential attributes
  • Portfolio
  • Any required competency form
  • Placement file
  • WEST-E passing score

    Status: Full or Conditional Admission

Program Completion

  • Portfolio
  • Completion of EDE 368
  • Completion of certification coursework
  • Additional endorsement(s)
  • Pedagogy assessment
  • Professional growth plan
  • Positive impact plan
  • Student teaching practicum


A candidate is evaluated on the Essential Attributes using performance indicators to determine competency as a scholar, effective practitioner, community member, guardian and visionary leader, which are the domains of the Whitworth Conceptual Framework. 

Teacher as Scholar:
Demonstrates knowledge of content
Submits college quality work
Completes assignments in a timely manner
Demonstrates respect for instructors/guest lecturers
Demonstrates mastery and application of new information
Willingly and effectively problem-solves
Displays effective organizational skills

Teacher as Guardian:
Displays positive rapport with K-12 students
Demonstrates respect for student diversity
Recognizes individual needs of learners
Presents self as an appropriate role model
Protects personal rights and confidentiality

Teacher as Community Member:
Collaborates with peers and teachers
Displays respect for others
Is present and punctual for class and field placements
Takes personal responsibility for actions
Responds well to constructive criticism and or suggestions
Manages stress appropriately
Displays professional demeanor and attire
Articulates an awareness of how others perceive him/her  

Teacher as Effective Practitioner:
Effectively designs curriculum and assessments
Reflects on actions and their consequences
Recognizes developmentally appropriate curriculum
Makes accommodations for special needs
Takes responsibility and initiative
Practices professional, legal and ethical standards
Displays mature oral and written communication skills
Demonstrates enthusiasm and animation in instruction
Demonstrates commitment to quality

Teacher as Visionary Leader:
Articulates personal philosophy of education
Demonstrates an openness to other points of view
Makes decisions based on logic, data and context
Articulates personal aspirations and goals
Is aware of and attends to needs of others