Whitworth University Cultural & Linguistic Diversity Studies

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  • For educators earning an English Language Learner Endorsement
  • Enroll at any time
  • Courses on campus during the evening
  • 13 credits
  • Credits may apply toward M.Ed. degree
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English Language Learner Endorsement

The Whitworth School of Education's ELL Endorsement Program continues to provide scholarly courses and practical fieldwork in response to the growing need for skillful engagement with diversity's richness across the many spectrums of society. The ELL courses on campus with evening access address the dual influences of language and culture on student achievement and engagement. Crucial elements in these courses include methods for the instruction and assessment of English learners, integration of core content standards with language acquisition standards, and second-language-acquisition research. In addition to these components, our ELL courses also address how issues of cultural diversity, such as poverty, affect instruction and assessment practices.

Courses from the ELL program may be applied toward an English Language Learner Endorsement and/or toward elective credits in Whitworth's various master's-degree programs within the School of Education. To complete the ELL endorsement in Washington State, students must earn a passing score on the West-E ELL exam. The ELL credits must be completed at the graduate level (500-level) in order to include those credits as part of a master’s degree.