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The faculty of Graduate Studies in Education is a diverse group, drawn from both the Whitworth School of Education and the educational community of Eastern Washington. Names and contact information for the core faculty members for the department follow.

Kevin O. Heid
M.Ed., Washington State University; B.A., Whitworth University Whitworth Adjunct Professor of Education.

Kathryn Picanco, Ed.D

Ed.D., M.Ed., Washington State University; B.A., Santa Clara University
Associate Professor of Education

Alison Olzendam, Ph.D.
Ph.D., Gonzaga University; M.Ed, Eastern Washington University; B.S. and M.A., Washington State University
Professor and Director, School Administration Program

Ron Prosser, Ed.D.
Ed.D., University of Arizona; M.Ed., B.A., Whitworth University Associate Professor of Education

Dennis W. Sterner, Ed.D.
Ed.D., University of Montana; M.Ed and B.S., Millersville University
of Pennsylvania
Professor of Education; Dean of the School of Education; Dean of Graduate Studies in Education

Kyle Storm, M.A.
M.A., United States International University; B.A., Psychology, Eastern Washington University; B.A., Spanish, Whitworth University
Lecturer, School Counseling Program

Roberta Wilburn, Ed.D.

Ed.D., George Washington University; Th.D., Jacksonville Theological Seminary; B.A., Mount Holyoke College
Professor of Education and Chair, Department of Graduate Studies in Education

Betty Fry Williams, Ph.D.
Ph.D., University of Kansas: M.A., Western Michigan University;
B.A., Western Michigan University
Professor of Education

James Uhlenkott, Ph.D.
Ph.D., Gonzaga University; M.A., B.A., Eastern Washington University Assistant Professor of Education, Undergraduate/Graduate Programs


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