M.Ed. in Educational Administration
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Degree Requirements


The Whitworth Educational Administration Program prepares administrators to assume a leadership role in any capacity in which they serve. Depending on each student's individual goal, he/she will complete the requirement for residency principal certification. The program is delivered in a cohort model, which allows for networking and support among the students. The seminar content is divided into four semesters and is designed to be completed in as little as two years.

Master's or Certification Only

Master's Degree in Educational Administration
For those seeking a master's degree, this program will serve as preparation to meet all state and university requirements for principal certification. Students typically complete the program in two years, but have up to six years to finish.

Certification Only
For those who hold a master's degree from a regionally accredited college or university, the principal certification-only program option is available. The program requires completion of two 2-credit online courses, four 4-credit seminars, and a 6-credit internship.

M.Ed Residency Principal

Administration Courses
(credits in parentheses)
  • School Law (2)
  • School Finance (2)
  • Seminar 540 (4)
  • Seminar 541 (4)
  • Seminar 542 (4)
  • Seminar 543 (4)
Semester credits ............................................20

Internship semester credits...........................6
Exit Portfolio semester credits......................0
Certification Only total credits......................26


Master of Education Core Courses

  • Advanced Educational Psychology (3)
  • Milestones (3)
  • Educational Research (4)

Semester credits.............................................10

Master's Degree semester credits.............36

Administration Seminars (20 credits)
Administration-related seminars align directly with Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) standards, which have been adopted by the Washington State Board of Education as the model for Washington state principal certification.

Seminar EDA 540
Effective Leadership and Organizational Management
(4 credits)
Covered in this seminar is the understanding of self as leader and the importance of the interpersonal relationship aspects of effective leadership. In addition, the skills to set up efficient and effective management systems in educational settings will be covered.

Seminar EDA 541
Instructional Leadership for School Improvement
(4 credits)
This seminar includes development of skills in the area of supervision of teachers and other staff members with the goal of improving classroom instruction so that teachers have a more positive impact on student learning. Instructional coaching and principles of adult learning will be covered.

Seminar EDA 542
Building Community (4 credits)
This seminar covers the importance of context in order to serve all stakeholders in a learning community. Meeting the needs of special and diverse populations and mobilizing community resources will be emphasized, as well.

Seminar EDA 543
Visionary and Moral Leadership (4 credits)
This seminar covers the theoretical base that informs management and leadership in organizational contexts. Legal, policy, and ethical aspects of being a school leader are emphasized, with additional focus on current issues and political components of being an educational advocate for students and schools.

M.Ed. Core Education Courses (10 credits)
Available online or on campus

EDU 501 Advanced Educational Psychology -- A systematic survey of educational psychology for information principles of practical value to teachers and administrators in the public school program. The development of personality through counseling and guidance is discussed. Spring, summer.

EDU 515 Educational Research -- Development of basic research skills; evaluation of current educational research and new knowledge in education. Spring, summer.

EDU 550 Core: Milestones in Education -- Survey of the history of Western education, with particular attention to the links between education and Christianity and the liberal arts tradition. Review of current philosophical issues against their historical and intellectual backgrounds. This is an interdisciplinary course. Fall, summer.

EDA 520 Legal and Policy Foundations (2 credits), online in the summer -- Development of sensitivity and awareness of the important role legal requirements play in administering today's school programs successfully. Emphasis will be on situations that have direct relevance to educational leaders in Washington and Idaho.

EDA 521 Public School Finance (2 credits) online in the summer -- Survey of the financial dimensions of public school administration, including budget development and management; the role of state, local and federal agencies in school finance issues; collective bargaining; personnel; accountability; the special levy system; accounting procedures; purchasing; and risk management.

Internship (6 credits)

Master's Degree Total Credits: 36


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