Danette Schroeder

After graduating from Whitworth's MIT in 2000, I managed to accrue 3 contract years in long-term subbing before I was given a contract to teach down in southern Nevada. Having taught in every grade K-12 as a sub, I truly felt that my experience in Nevada was a blessing and I loved every moment. The area is rich with culture, even though it is the 9th poorest county in the nation. (And I wouldn't trade a single minute.) Currently I am teaching at Loon Lake Elementary School. I juggle music, computers, art and LAP reading and math. Another hat that I've acquired is gathering information on CCSS and TPEP to present professional development opportunities for our certified and classified personnel. I'm very excited to fill this new role and hopefully the variety of assignments that I've had will provide understanding and a smooth progression through the new directives. Personally, I am a proud mom with one son gainfully employed in Spokane and one daughter beginning her sophomore year at LCSC in Lewiston, ID. I love working in my yard and keep canine company with 3 Chihuahuas that came with me when I left the deserts of Death Valley. Rarely without at least 3 books to read at a time, I also enjoy watching classic films and spending time with my family.