Kimberley Hiatt

What degree and/or certification are you working toward or have you already earned at Whitworth?
M.Ed. in School Counseling

Why Whitworth? Why Now?
Whitworth is a highly ranked school with a commitment to excellence. The future starts today!

Best book you've ever read
I love Stephen King and Sophie Kinsella books. They're at opposite ends of the spectrum, but both oh-so good!

What's been the best part so far about attending graduate school at Whitworth?
Whitworth actually cares about your success. Your teachers aren't the only ones who make every effort to assist you; so do your peers. There is an atmosphere at Whitworth that you just can't get anywhere else.

Favorite movie
Nothing to Lose. You just can't laugh harder that that!

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
I have an undying love for Australia.

Where do you work?
I'm a barista at Bean Positive.

What else do you have to balance in life while pursuing academic study?
A full-time job and family, not to mention my brand-new puppy!

We'd be surprised to know... I've been a 911 operator, I have a motorcycle endorsement, and I'm not a Christian.

Advice for other adults considering Whitworth's evening graduate school
Whitworth is committed to your success; there's no better time to go back!  They understand that you have other obligations and will work with you.

If you were able to say a few words at a Whitworth graduation, what would they be?
Whitworth really is an education of mind and heart, and we are so lucky to be able to carry that feeling to others' lives through our education. Whitworth instilled a way of life into all of us, and we are so lucky to carry that pride and education with us.