Though admission to Whitworth's graduate programs is competitive, the Graduate Admissions Committee dedicates itself to a thorough, holistic review of each application. Our objective is to get to know each applicant as an individual who brings particular strengths and experiences to the program. This understanding helps us determine whether you are a good fit for Whitworth – and whether Whitworth is a good fit for you.

Applicants must have completed a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university before full admission into the program. Programs may require prerequisites for particular courses; please check with the advisor.

Once you have returned all application documents, the Admissions Committee will review your application file and notify you, in writing, of your status. If an interview is required, you will be contacted to schedule that interview after the committee has reviewed your application file. If you have any questions about this process, please contact us at 509.777.3222.

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The Graduate Admissions Committee strongly encourages all applicants to visit Whitworth University to learn more about our programs from current students, faculty and staff. To arrange a visit, please call 509.777.3222.

Application Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step description of the application process. You may also go directly to the online application; instructions are included in each area.

The online application has several components, including the character-and-fitness supplement. As you complete your application, you will be prompted to submit your $35 application fee.

You may attach your essay, résumé, and teacher-certification documents to the online application or e-mail these documents directly to the Whitworth Graduate Admissions Office:

Whitworth will waive the entrance-exam requirement for applicants with an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher. (If your cumulative GPA is lower than 3.0 due to first-or second-year grades, we will consider the last 90 quarter/60 semester credits your calculated GPA.) If your undergraduate GPA is below 3.0, please submit one of the following:

  • Exam Options: Submit official GRE or MAT scores from exams taken in the last five years. Scores should be above the 25th percentile in each category.

  • Exam Alternative: You may submit an analytical essay in lieu of GRE or MAT scores. Please prepare a 1,000- to 1,200-word essay that demonstrates your ability to analyze, synthesize and critically reflect upon information. Please address what you believe to be the major challenges in education, leadership, or the counseling profession today; then offer a solution to surmount those challenges. Your essay may be based on research, or it may be a review of a book that is central to your interest in education, leadership or counseling.

    You may attach this document to your online application or e-mail it directly to the Graduate Admissions Office at

You must submit three recommendations to complete your application. Recommendations are completed via an online recommendation request sent directly to each reference as part of the application process. You should request recommendations from individuals who have a strong knowledge of your professional work and/or your ability to succeed as a graduate student.

  • If you have graduated from college within the past three years, one letter should be from a university professor in your major. If it has been more than three years since you completed your bachelor’s degree, you may substitute a professional recommendation.
  • One recommendation should be from an individual who can speak to your general character and the probability of your success as a graduate student. It should not be from a family member.
  • If you have worked in a helping profession, recommendations from current or former supervisors or co-workers are highly recommended. If you don’t have this experience, you may substitute another academic or professional reference.

On your résumé, please include both work experience and, where applicable, service activities and recognitions. The Admissions Committee is especially interested in your work, educational and volunteer experiences.

Service, activities and recognition, such as public, community or military service, travel experiences, extracurricular activities, and any honors or recognitions received are all important indicators of an applicant’s motivation and character.

You may attach this document to your online application or e-mail it directly to the Whitworth Graduate Admissions Office at

Please compose a 600-900 word essay that explains how the program for which you are applying fits with your career and educational goals, why you have chosen Whitworth to further your education, and why now is the right time for you to enroll in a graduate program.

You may attach this document to your online application or e-mail it directly to the Whitworth Graduate Admissions Office at

Though we review each student’s GPA for the probability of academic success, we understand that undergraduate GPAs, particularly those from several years ago, may not reflect your current ability or commitment to academic success.

Order official transcripts from ALL colleges or universities previously attended and have them sent directly to this address:

Whitworth University
Graduate Admissions
300 W. Hawthorne Road
Spokane, WA 99251

A copy of your teacher certification is required for all Whitworth Graduate Studies in Education programs except marriage and family therapy, school counseling, administrative leadership, social and behavioral health, and the Master of Arts in Behavior Analysis.

You may attach this copy to your online application or e-mail it directly to the Whitworth Graduate Admissions Office at


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