Katie Hohimer

M.Ed. Educational Administration

Bilingual Fifth-Grade Teacher, Pasco School District, Pasco, Wash.

Katie Hohimer
What did you enjoy most about Whitworth’s Educational Administration Program?

The aspect of the program I enjoyed most was the focus on thoughtful reflection and discussion. Rather than being simply focused on theory, much of the content came directly from active participants in educational leadership, including experienced adjunct professors and successful program graduates. Students were encouraged to research and discuss successful programs and initiatives, then to apply their findings to their current teaching contexts. This made for practical learning that applied directly to the daily work done in schools.

What did you like best about the cohort model of the program?

It was an integral part of my growth as a leader. Being teamed with those who are a year ahead or behind in the program helped me to construct a clearer picture of the steps leading toward principal leadership. The networking and relationship-building that happened as a result of the variety of districts represented in class has expanded my knowledge about teaching and learning in Eastern Washington. My cohort colleagues will continue to be trusted contacts throughout my professional career.

How did the schedule work for you?

As a teacher who lives 150 miles from Spokane, the weekend seminars aligned perfectly with my schedule. The drives to and from class served as a blessing because I was able to use that time to process new learning on the road home. There could not have been a better program format for me as a teacher and as a commuting graduate student.


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