Rock & Sling 10.1

Delivery date: 1 week

Carney, Rob: A Chapter Missing from the Book of Sharks

Carney, Rob: Seven Lessons from the Book of Sharks

Dow, Hannah: Oasis

Felsch, Paul: Wingwalking

Freeman, Jade: Three Little Birds and Seven Modelos

Garcia, Janelle: You Can Find Me in the River

Garcia, Matthew: Eve Clinic

Gunton, Kathleen: Eden with Ruth Stone

Hanson, Chad: Masks

Harrity, Dave: Potter’s Field

Harrity, Dave: & His Ministers

Ingram, Laura: The Biology of Human Starvation

Johnson, Peter: Eden

Johnson, Marci Rae: This Morning in Church: An Invocation to the Muse

Klishch, Iryna: Ukraine

Larrabee, Hannah: Basalt

Maruyama, Reid: For the Sake of the Song

Maruyama, Reid: We, Wolves

Messick, John L.: Desert Ghosts

Mills, Simeon: Summer with Parent B

Newsom, Brent: Cut

Pfaff, Matthew: will you please believe me?

Rauch, Sara: Kitten

Rodoni, Erin: In Eastern Medicine

Rodoni, Erin: The Body Compass

Rodoni, Erin: The Body Window

Runyan, Tania: Our Sins under a Glass Sea

Sharma, Raj: To the Bone

Singer, Ron: …(Soon)

Smith, Kathryn: Parable of the Sower

Smith, Kathryn: Psalm Formula: Anti-epistle

Stott, Laura: For Alberti

Stott, Laura: Rachel

Sundahl, Daniel: Nocturne for the Last Performing Tattooed Lady

Sundahl, Daniel: Poem Containing the Word Putti

Sundahl, Daniel: Where Logic Breaks Down

Varela, Giovanna: A Comedian

Varela, Giovanna: Drag Racer

Varela, Giovanna: Which War Is Your Favorite?