Rock & Sling 10.2

The Coloring Book Issue Interview with Julia Kasdorf Art by Heather Gwinn
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Mark L. Anderson: Ode to a Dodge Caravan Ode to a Shotgun

Jody Azzouni: Santa Claus

Joe Bardin: Black Sheep

Marlena Bontas: I slaughtered your horses

Marina Carreira: An Ugly Thing

Caroline Crawford: Forever Home

Darrell Dela Cruz: Needles; White Space

Gustavo Pérez Firmat: Dirty Old Man Talks to Himself in the Dark; Dirty Old Man Endeavors to Be Optimistic

Katie Flynn: The Sack People

Laura Hull: Despite the Extra Wrinkle

Jessie Janeshek: Holy Ghost Hook-ups    Sacred, Unafraid

Erin Jones: Talking About Deer

Rebecca Lauren: Herodias and Her Daughter, Salome, Report for Jury Duty

Cameron Alexander Lawrence: The Baptism

Karen An-hwei Lee: On Apophasis and a Bee; Questions on Little Epiphanies and a Beeveil; Prayer for a Box of Lightning; Dear Millenium, Our Hungry Roses

Reid Maruyama: Wave Man: a Death Poem

Katie Manning: The Book of L

Tod Marshall: Spritual; An Extra Line to Lure That Which Lurks Below; Champlain; Lecture on Creation

Amy Silbernagel McCaffree: If you did an autopsy on me, you’d find Catholic in my bones

Devon Miller-Duggan, Proper Abecedarian 8: Introversion; Disorderly Abecedarian 4: Kenosis; Disorderly Abecedarian.8: Theology

J. Morris: Elvis in Narnia

Sheila Packa: Vertigo

Jen Pelto: Make Mine Moxie

Laura Read: Cathedral

Nathan Slinker John the Baptist Holds His Own Head on a Platter; The Lamb

Maya Jewell Zeller: The Devil Gets Old









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