Rock & Sling 11.1

Spring 2016 Interview with B.H. Fairchild Chapbook by Kathryn Smith Art by Suzanne Dittenber
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Liv Larson Andrews: How to Baptize a Child in Flint, Michigan

Matthew Burns: Black Mass

Rob Cook: Sermon

Rachel Crawford: Dark Matter

Ruth Ann Dandrea: To Murder and Create

Christopher Davis: Atman

Courtney Druz: Foundation in Yielding

Joshua Gage: Kadisha Valley

Elise Gregory: The Habits of Nesting Birds

Robert Gregory: Tulip Petals, Concrete, April Rain

S.J. Holsteen: A Perplexing Ontology of Cats

J.M. Huscher: The Butcher’s Altitude

Marci Rae Johnson: Pinolo, Pine Seed

Tim Kahl: Little Gypsies of the Fruit

Lisa Knopp: My Daily Bread

Daniel Lee: Feast Myth

Jonathan May: Jericho, Mississippi

Anya Silver: Winter Burial

Kathryn Smith: Tracing the New Stars (poetry chapbook)

Natalie Taylor: Ariadne Gives Her Heart Away

J. T. Townley: Blue on Black

Sarah M. Wells: Blessed are the Meek

S.E. White: This I Know

David Wright: Karl Marx and Menno Simons Meet for Beer and Zweibach



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