Rock & Sling 11.2

Art by Tobe Harvey
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Tim Benjamin: Whatever You Think It Is

Brett Biebel: The Dissenter

Michelle Brooks: Half-Life

Lauren Camp: Another Side of Consequence

Barbara Crooker: Église Sainte Pierre; Easter Sunday, 2016

Carolyn Dahl: Rock-a-Bye

Lois Roma-Deeley: Snow Blind

Sarah Fawn Montgomery: Walking Beans; How to Survive a Lightning Strike

Mitche Grabois: Foxy Pele

Carrie Heimer: A Man of Unclean Lips Considers Prayer; For the Homeless Woman Whose Nails You Painted

Karen Kubin: Elision

Kristine Langley Mahler: In What I Have Done

Matt Malyon: Engulfed

Jonathan May: Erasure Poem; Iceland

Jill McCabe Johnson: Stained Glass

Julie Moore: What If Feels Like

Eric Pankey: The Owl of Minerva; Elsewhere

Kevin Rabas: Guitarist Ken

Tim Robbins: What We Know

Henry Shepard III: The Department of Lesser Gods

Britton Shurley: Blessing

Angela Siew: My Father’s Guitar

Sonja Swift: Calloused Hands

Emily Teitsworth: The Transmutation

Valerie Wallace: Reaching Across the Airwaves

Andie Weaver: Prophecy for the End

Tommy Welty: Southern Comfort

Kelley White: Two Birds in Flame: 87. Nested Bean Sieves, Set of Six

Matt Zambito: Welcome

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10.2 Broadside

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11.2 Broadside

Art: Tobe Harvey. Poem: Engulfed by Matt Malyon. 8.5" x 14"