Rock & Sling 12.1

Summer 2017 Art by Janelle Lile "Align" "Premise" "Result" "Retain" "Waver"
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Chaun Ballard: A Syrian Hope

Cindy Beebe: Zeb Has A Feeling; Zeb Discovers the List of Things Persephone has Decided to Give Up for Lent

Hollie Box: Living in Layers

Aaron Brame: Benediction 3

Jesse Breite: Not Crucified

Todd Copeland: Assembling the World in Mid-September

Catherine Cowie: Love Hustle

David Dixon: Withering

Gregory Dunne: Visiting

David Felix: Permission

Kari Gunter-Seymour: No Word from Kandahar

Chris Haven: Terrible Emmanuel Blesses His Own Meal

Richard Manly Heiman: Running a Little Late

Carolina Hinojosa-Cisneros: Return to Texas

Kendra Juskus: In India

Karen Kubin: "The Beatitudes" by Vladimir Martynov, rescored for Kronos Quartet

Judith Kunst: (In)Sufficient

Cheryl Lewis: Perseverance in the Time of Drought

Amy McNamara: Meanwhile, Time

Daniel Miller: The Killing Mounds

L. Roger Owens: Walking Through Midlife's uprooting

Timothy Robbins: Marc

Amy Sawyer: The Altar

Kerrin Smith: Unfold A Stained Glass Window Like Paper; Floating for Dummies

Sonja Swift: sinew

Veronica Toth: the dying of watercolors

Torrie Jay White: Somewhere Among the Mountains

Sunni Wilkinson: Ending with a Line by Paul Celan

Woody Woodger: I found the angel's hide; Lady Isaac

Nicholas Yingling: St. Margaret & the Devil

Maya Jewell Zeller: A Necessary Skill

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