Rock & Sling 13.1

Spring 2018
Delivery date: 1 week

Leah Alsaker—“Rain”

Laura Arciniega—“We Have Become a Shame and a Reproach”

Jana Bouma—“Solid Things”

Rose Bromberg—“Salt”

Daniel S. Butterworth—“Jesus Considers America”

Amy Cannon—“Brief Rule of Sr. Romauld”

Angela Doll Carlson—“Process Dreaming at the DMV”

Daniel J. Cecil—“Objectophilia”

Elizabeth Kaye Cook—“Mirror, River, Ghost”

Jonathan Diaz—“Simon Rodia”

Barbara Draper—“To God,” “Because I was Getting Old”

Juditha Dowd—“Times Lost,” “My Daughter Worships a God”

Dennis Hinrichsen—“[becoming zero]”

Kathryn Lester-Bacon—“Mizpah,” “In the Meantime”

Brooke Matson—“Eve Splits the Apple,” “Prism”

Jason Mehl—“Ears to Hear”

Nihilonechoanists—“Occupied Crimea,” “lungs. Maidan. Leather falls from trees.,” “On the mountain in Eski Karmen,” “untitled,” “The Swim,” “to collect matter”

Alex Mouw—“Something Cracks Open”

Kevin Rabas—“Not Done”

Dan Raessler—“Bridging the Gap”

Elias Sorich—“Walking Home”

Heidi Stauff—“Of Wings and Worms”

Jerome Stueart—“How to Make a Queer Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer”

Robert Terashima—“Borders”

Paige Towers—“A Dream about my Dead Dog”

Diane Tucker—“Distilled,” “Tidal Volume”

Jodi Varon—“Sad Angel”

Jade Wallace—“The Ocean is a Jeweler”

Kim Welliver—“Thriving”

Kelley White—“Two Birds in Flame,” “Two Birds in Flame”