Rock & Sling 13.2

Winter 2018
Delivery date: 1 week

Carl Boon – “All Your Mother’s Bracelets,” “Last November”

Jesse Breite – “Arimathea”

Donald Carreira Ching – “What We Forget”

Robert Earle – “Memphis Was a Sad Moaning Place”

Jen Stewart Fueston – “Nursling”

Suzanne Harlan Heyd – “Edessa, Turin and My Dreams,” “Prayer Begins with Drought: A Friday in Darfur”

Marlin M. Jenkins – “poem without baptism,” “valley”

Betsy Johnson-Miller – “plea”

Emma Kaiser – “Aletheia”

Karen Bjork Kubin – “On a Brief Glimpse of Pissarro’s ‘The Banks of the Marne in Winter’”

Michael Lyle – “Fearsome Portals”

Christine McSwain – “Imagine Explosions Here”

Simon Perchik – “*”

Whitney Rio-Ross – “At My Sister’s Baby Shower”

Ryan Scariano – “Dear Jonah”

Valéria M. Souza – “Ghazal for Cousin David”

Richard Spilman – “Gone”

Marjorie Stelmach – “Lines for the Spider”

Kim Cope Tait – “MIA”

Jasmine Throckmorten – “Persephone Goes Searching”

Hannah Wagner – “The Opioid Poem”

David Wright – “My Mad Lib Poem That Needs You, Your Secret Words to Make it _______ (adjective)”

Jered X – “Anesthesiology”

Dara Herman Zierlein – “Loss of the Coral Reef,” “Balloons Bite,” “Pick Your Poison,” “No to Ghost Nets,” “Six Blind Men and an Elephant”