Rock & Sling 15.2

Fall 2020
Delivery date: 1 week

Moni Brar-"I'm Not Your Kaur, I'm Not Your Princess," "Omen"

Brionne Janae- "Dear Gabriel Fernandez," "Let He Who Is Without" 

Marci Rae Johnson- "Metanoia"

Sara Eliza Johnson- "Hadean," "Migration"

Michelle Johnson-Wang- "Proposal to Persephone"

Carly Joy Miller- "Blood Lit the Bell in Me," "My Hands, Lord, Most Capable"

Emily O'Neill- "Dear Andy," "Dear Andy"

Matt Pasca- "The Boys of Santa Cruz la Laguna"

Kathlene Postma- "How to Save Your Life After the Diagnosis"

Sarah Anne Strickley- "How to Write Your Rape Story"

Millie Tullis- "Agnes Dreams," "Alice Dreams," "Martha Dreams"

Eric Van Meter- "On Death and (Maybe) Heaven"

Jaime Zuckerman- ""Pareidolia," "Song"