Rock & Sling 6.2

Art by Daniel Baltzer


Browning, Annah: The Calling

Cutter, Weston: Get Stuck:: Come Free

Cutter, Weston: Methods of Arrival

Cutter, Weston: Some Lions

Cochran, Thomas: Benediction

Cuilla, Megan: Ribs

Cuilla, Megan: Relapse

Dowd, Juditha: Temporary Offices

Eden, Meg: i closed down the lake (Haikyo Photo Ekphrasis)

Ellis, Kinzee: Etymology Lesson 2

House, Brent: Pastoral

Leatham, Kent: Psalm 42

Leatham, Kent: Psalm 148

May, Jonathan: There Are Always Pieces Missing

Miller, Cheri L.: First Religion

Nash, Ariana Nadia: The Night of Birds

Newman, Jae: River

Pasquini, Winnona Elson: Even in Autumn, Clean, Clear Light

Schireson, Peter: Whence

Silvieus, Leah: She Does Not Kneel

VanderMey, Randall: Jalama Beach

Walther, Margaret: Deluged/Deleted

Weinert, Jonathan: Nauset Light Beach 1969

Weinert, Jonathan: New Year’s Day, 2007

Weinert, Jonathan: Supercell

White, Nathan E.: From Sense Each Inheritance Is Named

White, Nathan E.: The Year in Return

Young, Tana: Post Secret



Adams, Jordan L.: If, as a Kid

Savage, Katie: Out, Damned Spot! Or the Day I Discovered My Oven Knobs Come Off

Sizemore, Vic: An Atheist and a Saint



Ray, Shann: City of Mercy and Light

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10.2 Broadside

Art: Reinfirst by Heather Gwinn Poem: Spiritual by Tod Marshall 8.5" x 14"