Rock & Sling 7.1

A Conversation with Robyn Schiff Art by Jeffrey Youngblood
Delivery date: 1 week


Ballard, Tara: A Man Has Passed

Burkey, Michele: (empowerment)

Burkey, Michele: (refuge)

George, Kristin: Grief

Gray, Michael: Wallace, Where God Lives in Silver

Henry, Matthew E.: If I rise on the wings called your love

Hughes, Adam: Variations on a Theme by the Prophet Joel

Klein, Laurie: Double Exposure

Knorr, Alyse: Alice’s Childhood

Knorr, Alyse: Alice in Depressionland

Knorr, Alyse: Alice in Land

Knorr, Alyse: Metamorphosis

Knutson, Abigail: Suggests for the Interim

Martin, Linda: A Young Child

Martin, Linda: Widowmaker

May, Jonathan: Psalm

Oestreich, David: Memorial to One Weary of Joy

Reddy, Nancy: After Dance

Reddy, Nancy: Dirge

Smith, Adrianne: Carving

Smith, Adrianne: The Cactus Plantation, Edwards, Mississippi

Smith, Kathryn: At the Grange Cemetery, Honey Creek, Iowa

Smith, Kathryn: For Autumn, for All that it Portends

Smith, Kathryn: How to Be Hungry

Smith, Kathryn: Meditation among the Fragments

Smith, Kathryn: What she’s trying to say

Stewart, Joshua Michael: My Neighbor’s Wife

Stewart, Joshua Michael: Sunday Morning, September

Stirckland, Brett: Solomon’s Children

Williams, John Sibley: All Saints’ Day

Willis, Paul: Duck Pond

Webster, Jeremiah: Bear Recovering after Reconstructive Surgery

Webster, Jeremiah: Model Universe

Zeller, Maya Jewell: Midnight, Loop Road



Jones, Jeremy B.: Marshaling the Mountains

McCann, Amy: Ab Ovo



Culpepper, Jackson: Songs on the Water