Rock & Sling 7.2

Art by Emelie Anskog
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Blair, Jenn: One

Blair, Jenn: Origin

Cabral, Astrid: Request

Cabral, Astrid: Underground

Culella, Emily: Arrival

Culella, Emily: Ghost.

Culella, Emily: Lazarus and the Rich Man

Dougherty, Sean Thomas: Giant Steps for Patricia Smith

Dougherty, Sean Thomas: Please Forward

Dougherty, Sean Thomas: Sulfur

Edstrom, Lois Parker: Galatea’s Garden

Gwinn, Emily Benson: Riparian Trail

Holmes, Tom: Paleolithic Person Explains Hand Art

Holmes, Tom: The Afterlife of the First Dreams

Holmes, Tom: The First Prayer

Kaye, Rebecca: this is the slovenliness of love and the city

Kopka, Keith: Collect Call on Veterans Day

Nofziger, Lenae: The Old Magician’s Wife

Long, Renee: Known beyond the Chromosomes

Myers, Benjamin: Class Outside

Myers, Benjamin: The Muse

Obet, Jacob: The Virgin of North Wind

Reid, Jen: I- tries to rush the season

Runyan, Tania: Afflicted but Not Crushed

Smith, Samuel: Thealogy

Wolverton, Terry: Ghost Soup

Zambito, Matt: Epithalamium from this Ridiculous Height



Buuck, Christiane: Waiting for Moses

Lin, Jami Nakamura: Pillars of Salt

Moriconi, Kristina: A Loss for Words



Celizic, Joseph: In Our Own Tongues

Clodfelter, Kirsten: My American Father

Telfer, Tori: The Monkeys

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10.2 Broadside

Art: Reinfirst by Heather Gwinn Poem: Spiritual by Tod Marshall 8.5" x 14"