Rock & Sling 8.2

Art by Rupa das Gupta
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Anderson, Mark: Nostalgia

Bishop, James Gleason: American Pastoral

Cooper, Linda: Crisis of Faith

Cooper, Linda: Sermon on the Mount

Emerson, Renee: Felling

Emerson, Renee: Leah Speaks Her Piece

Emley, Bryce: untitled (dark)

Foster, Brett: Christian Epigrams from The Greek Anthology

Gingerich, Charity: I Always Want You to Look at Art This Way

Gingerich, Charity: Imagine How Much Beauty You Miss Everyday—

Gingerich, Charity: That Evening Light I Love

Gundy, Jeff: Contemplation with Acorns and Guitar

Gundy, Jeff: Improvisations among the Ledges

Gundy, Jeff: Listening for Orpheus

Gundy, Jeff: Report from the Province of Heron and Swallowtail

Haas, Barbara: Whipping Up a Feist in the House of Grief

Hall, Becca Rose: Orange, Enormous

Holt, Joseph: Three Little Parables

Levan, Michael: As His Opponent’s Right Jerks Forward, M. Gives in to Who He Is

Levan, Michael: From a Bench My Parents, Long-Dead, Still Teach Me about Silence

MacTighe, Billi: Borderline Personality Disorder and Seeing My New House, New Room

MacTighe, Billi: Coping With Mental Illness

MacTighe, Billi: Nightmares Are Real

Maraj, Lous: Magic Salve

Marshall, Sarah: Sunday

May, Jonathan Owen: To my sister Jennifer, while I’m in Ithaca

Pau-Llosa, Ricardo: God-is-Truth Man

Pau-Llosa, Ricardo: Turn-the-Other-Cheek Man

Phipps, Brian G.: Namesake

Raustol, Anne E.: The Looking Tree

Ross, Laura Sobbot: Watching for the Meteor Shower

Roth, Matthew: Resurrection Day

Savoie, Terry: Dissection II

Savoie, Terry: Trees, Walking

Sorenson, Celinda: Land of Purple, Inside Israel

St. Jean, Heidi: Prayer

Thon, Melanie Rae: The Immigrants

Underwood, Susan: Hope

Underwood, Susan: Magnificat

Underwood, Susan: Witness

Underwood, Susan: Worship

White, Kelley: March

White, Kelley: I’m become Melancholia

White, Kelley: In the silence of empty hands

White, Nathan E.: Terraced Reflection: Letter Unsent (to a Former Neighbor) 

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