Rock & Sling 9.1

A Conversation with Matthew Zapruder Art by Ida Liffner
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Ackerman, Norman: Not in the Woods

Buckley, John F.: He

Buckley, John F.: Just the Facts Concerning Jack Frank Buck

Denton, Megan: Persephone

Falconhead: Crusader Without a Cross

Fant, Amy: Woods

Goodan, Kevin: untitled

Goodan, Kevin: untitled

Harlan-Ferlo, Elizabeth: Sacrarium

Jones, A. Moriah: Niddah

Ketchum, Amaris Feland: Atlantic City

Kley, Emily Van: Take Care, I Love You

LaTour, Kristin: The Women of Aleppo

Marchetti, Sandra: By Degrees

Marshall, Hannah: The Stripping

Nash, Ariana Nadia: Dust

Notess, Hannah Faith: New Year’s Eve, Kochi, 2004

Notess, Hannah Faith: Rush Hour Apocalypse

Notess, Hannah Faith: Your Angel of Death

Nash, Ariana Nadia: I Ask Night to Tell Me the History of Kissing

Ott, Martin: Mad Libs for Interrogators

Perchik, Simon: untitled

Perrault, John: Vita

Silver, Anya: After a Favorable PET Scan

Silver, Anya: Four Prayers for Forgiveness

Zapruder, Matthew: Telegraph Flowers



Bell, Denis: Fragmentation

Brandt, Maria: Rain

Clark, Chloe: In This Life or Maybe Another

Jimenez, Shane Joaquin: Harvard Square

Jimenez, Shane Joaquin: Three Dreams



Clark, Susannah: All You Need

White, Nathan E.: Twofold 

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10.2 Broadside

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