Rock & Sling 9.2

Interviews with Kevin Goodan and Tim Green Art by David Ruhlman
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Adamson, Christopher J.: In a cliff of horizontal red

Adamson, Christopher J.: The Sun Boy

Brewin, Jr., Mark Jay: A Letter about These Nights in Burlington, NC

Brewin, Jr., Mark Jay: What’s Lost by the River

Button, Harmony: Prayer for My Body Part XI: Lapsed Soul

Clifton, Brian: Honey, The Beautician

DeBehnke, Krista Marie: I Break Hearts Like a Tornado

Dockins, Mike: Postcard with a Mesosaur & a Scythe

Flavin, Brianna: Layover

Howell, Christopher: A Trillium for James Wright, on the Anniversary of His Passing

Howell, Christopher: In the House of the Afterlife

LaFemina, Gerry: Divinity, Pennsylvania

LaFemina, Gerry: On a Photograph Beneath the Headlines

Lewis, Jessi: Great Grandmother Notburga, with Machete

Lewis, Jessi: The Eager Shift

Luzader, Justin: All the Birds Are Dead

Luzader, Justin: These New Machines Can Be Implanted Anywhere

Meserve, Susie: Postcard from a Sailor

Miller, Carly Joy: apostle drives the coastline

Miller, Carly Joy: To Form a Prayer

Perchik, Simon: *

Perchik, Simon: *

Perchik, Simon: *

Reid, Jill: Listening for My Daughter in Church

Roach-Freiman, Ashley: Red Bird Elegy

Roach-Freiman, Ashley: poem with a line by andrew freiman

Salzano, April: Distinctions

Samara, Nicholas: Hades

Samaras, Nicholas: Rising Away from Me

Wilkinson, Sunni: Nesting Dolls

Young, Natalie: An Ambush of Major and Minor – the Monster Sings

Young, Natalie: Attempt #2 to Spot the Monster

Young, Natalie: Pretending to be interviewed, the monster gets choked up, tells the cameraman to shut

the damn thing off.

Young, Natalie: What She Misses About Being Mormon



Srdic, Srdjan: Leng Tch’e



Carlson, Angela Doll: Syncope

Surls, Heather M.: Hallowed Ground

Walpert, Bryan: The Lazy Gardener

Wells, Sarah M.: Building Fires

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10.2 Broadside

Art: Reinfirst by Heather Gwinn Poem: Spiritual by Tod Marshall 8.5" x 14"