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Governor Gary Locke Visits Whitworth's CS Research Lab Governor Gary Locke

It's not often that a governor visits a college's computing laboratories! In January, we enjoyed having Washington Governor Gary Locke spend time in our CS research lab. During his visit, Governor Locke heard from Whitworth students and faculty about the National Science Foundation project, Intelligent Agents for Patient Monitoring. The goal of the project, directed by Susan Mabry, Ph.D., is to develop a health-care monitoring and advisory system. The project attempts to use emerging computing methods to collect and filter overwhelming amounts of dynamic information from a number of sources that health-care practitioners must consider under critical time constraints. The system will perform ongoing analysis and will generate alarms, advice and diagnostics. This work is clearly interdisciplinary; the team coordinates with medical personnel and hospitals and develops new computing methods to address the challenges that arise. Computing methods include agent processing across networks, artificial intelligence reasoning through fuzzy logic, and connectionist networks.

Governor Locke expressed sincere interest, and the team enjoyed interacting with him. A portion of the IM-Agents Team was present: Tim Etters, Troy Schneringer, Sean Wells, David Olmsted, Kent Jones, Ph.D. and Mabry.

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