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Whitworth Women Studying Computer Science and Mathematics Invited to Annual Luncheon

Whitworth women majoring or minoring in computer science or mathematics are invited to gather for a free luncheon on Tuesday, Nov. 13, from noon to1 p.m. in the HUB catering room. The purpose of the luncheon is to give attendees an opportunity to discuss computer science and math education and career opportunities for women.

Susan Mabry, assistant professor of mathematics and computer science at Whitworth, says women are underrepresented in both fields.

"Women usually enjoy these fields once they realize there are vast opportunities and options to specialize in areas of particular interest to them," Mabry says. "Functions such as the math/computer science luncheon allow women to network with one another and not feel so isolated."

Computer science classes often have one or two women and15 to18 men, Mabry says. In addition, only 2 percent of computer-science Ph.D.s awarded are earned by women, with a large percentage of those degrees being earned by women from countries other than the United States. There is a similar discrepancy in the number of women pursuing degrees in pure mathematics, but the number of women studying to teach mathematics in elementary school or high school are higher, Mabry says.

The annual luncheon will feature Mabry and Kate Beck, a 2001 Whitworth graduate with a B.S. in computer science who is a web programmer for Whitworth's instructional resources department. Mabry and Beck will discuss topics related to careers and issues for women in computer science. Assistant Professors in Math and Computer Science Martha Gady and Donna Pierce will discuss women in mathematics.

Those interested in attending the luncheon may sign up in the Fine Arts Building, Room 210. The luncheon is free for attendees who register in advance.

For more information about the luncheon, please call Dee Anna Christiansen at (509) 777-3258 or Susan Mabry at (509) 777-4686.

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