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Freshmen admitted with honors now have the unique opportunity to study abroad during Jan Term of their first year at Whitworth, an opportunity not typically afforded to freshmen.

After an intensive Spanish course students will spend a weekend living with and learning from a typical Costa Rican family. Students will travel throughout Costa Rica to take advantage of opportunities for experiential learning. This past January students visited indigenous communities and heard from local speakers and professors as they studied the multi-faceted nature of forgiveness in the Costa Rican context.

Whitworth President Beck Taylor and Executive Vice President Michael LeRoy visited the CRC Jan Term 2011 in order to take part in the inauguration of the new freshmen Honors Program.

Here is what Rick Hornor, Professor of Theatre had to say about the Jan Term 2011 Honors Program experience:

"Talk to any of our first year students who went to Costa Rica for Jan Term 2011. To a one each will say it was a transforming experience like no other. At the core of this transformation was the community created because we lived together 24/7 in a beautiful, somewhat isolated setting that bore no resemblance to Whitworth in Spokane other than the sharing of its name.

"Yes, Dr. Joshue Orozco challenged us to think critically and precisely about sin, reconciliation, and our responsibility in the face of wrong-doing. Yes, Dr. Rick Hornor's 'Voice of the Other' monologue assignment forced us to watch and listen to others with a deliberateness we weren't used to. And, yes, these lectures, discussions and assignments could have happened in a classroom in Spokane. But I guarantee they would have lacked the immediacy and potency we experienced because of the community we built at 'Whitworth South.'"