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Major-Specific Programs

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In addition to the Latin American Studies Program, the Whitworth University Costa Rica Center will host different academic departments each semester based on a rotating schedule. This will provide students with the opportunity to take major-specific courses contextualized to take advantage of the Costa Rican setting.

Following is a schedule of departments which will be adopting upcoming semesters at the CRC:

Spring 2011 – Sociology
Taking her sabbatical at the CRC, Associate Professor of Sociology Jennifer Holsinger is conducting research and teaching a special immigration-themed Core 350 discussion group, as well as overseeing independent study sociology courses.

Fall 2011 – Spanish
In addition to those offered in the LASP program, upper division Spanish courses will be offered by professors Dinorah and Lindy Scott.

Jan Term 2012 – Theology and Health Sciences
Dean of Spiritual Life Terry McGonigal will lead the honors freshman program in studying the Biblical Theme of Shalom, while health science students study and take part in local internships under the tutelage of Associate Professor and Trainer Melinda Larson.

Spring 2012 – Art and Music
Associate Professor of Art Katie Creyts will lead art students in studying local and regional art.

For their spring break tour, the Whitworth Wind Symphony will be coming to the CRC and touring throughout Costa Rica.

Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 – Political Science
Patrick Van Inwegen, Associate Professor of Political Science will take his sabbatical at the CRC, spending the year conducting research and teaching major-specific political science courses.

The CRC is also in the process of partnering with the following departments for our major-specific programs:

  • Theology
  • English
  • Biology
  • Theatre
  • Business/Economics

Additionally, students in the School of Education study at the CRC every semester to fulfill their Intercultural Observation for EDU 368, to student teach, as well as take other major-specific courses.

Encourage your departments to take part in the major-specific program by contacting your advisor, department chair, or CRC Director Lindy Scott at lscott@whitworth.edu.