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A word from Whitworth University Costa Rica Center Director Lindy Scott:

"A college education should equip and prepare students to interact with and serve our neighbors. Due to rapid advances in technology, our neighbors can no longer be limited to those who are geographically near or to those who are culturally similar to us. An education of mind and heart that strives for excellence must equip graduates linguistically and culturally so that they can communicate with ease with people who speak a language other than English and who come from a culture different than that of the mainstream United States.

"We at Whitworth Costa Rica Center are proud to offer an ideal setting where you can become strong in your Spanish abilities and culturally sensitive to Costa Ricans in particular and Latin Americans more generally. In our semester-long programs, we offer extended host-family stays where you can immerse yourself in the Spanish language and experience Latin American culture up close. We offer a full array of courses, including Spanish at various levels, Latin American Studies, Conservationism and Human Rights, and our special CORE course on Worldview, Ethics and Public Policy. We can place you in internships where you can not only hone your Spanish skills but develop your professional abilities. And field trips to Nicaragua, Cuba, the Caribbean, the Pacific, coffee farms, the U.S. Embassy, volcanoes, hiking trails, talent shows, zip-lining facilities, etc., make for an active student life."