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Faculty-Led, Full-Semester Programs

At least two groups of Whitworth students each year travel abroad for a semester and study a set of related subjects with Whitworth faculty and native scholars. These "mini-colleges" abroad generally include 20-30 students and three or more professors over the course of the semester. The itinerary and content for the programs are customized depending on the faculty members who participate, so no two trips are alike. Students apply for the programs a year in advance and complete a semester-long preparatory course before going abroad.

Please contact Sue Jackson (sjackson@whitworth.edu) for more information on semester abroad programs.

C.S. Lewis "Field Trip"
This course will study the thought of C.S. Lewis as found in his philosophical, theological, and imaginative works...with a twist. The course will meet on Tuesday nights for the first half of the semester, but then will have a "field trip" to the U.K. to visit sites where Lewis lived and worked. (Students will have two days of class excused either before or after Spring Break as well for a total of 10 or 11 days of travel.) During this trip, students will visit Belfast, London, Oxford, and Cambridge. After returning home, the class will meet for one additional Tuesday night for an exam and debrief. The class will end five weeks before the end of the Spring semester. It may sound like a short trip, but students will be amazed how much they see and learn! Fulfills Humanities Requirement

Central America Study and Service Program
You will have the opportunity to live, study, and serve in Central America alongside an intentional community of your Whitworth peers and faculty, as well as Central American teachers, community leaders, and families. This academic study abroad program will differ significantly from anything you have ever experienced before. The courses are designed to help you integrate all aspects of your experiences, relationships, reading, observation, ideas, insights and feelings as you live and learn in Central America. Whitworth’s educational principles seek the development of the whole person.

France Study Program
The France Study Program: the first and longest-standing international study program. The France Study Program – the longest-running study abroad program in Whitworth’s history -- takes you all over France. You will travel from Toulouse to the Normandy beaches and the great abbey of Mont St Michel, from the monuments and museums of Paris to the cathedral of Chartres; from the Alsatian border with Germany to Nice and the French Riviera. You will learn France’s rich language, history, and art in company with your peers and your professors. Program will include 8 credits of French language, 4 credits of French history, and 4 credits of a Fine Arts course.

Graduate Theology Study Program Turkey/Egypt