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Central America Study and Service Program

The Central America Study and Service Program -- which encompasses Jan Term and spring semester – is a life-changing journey that includes advanced Spanish and the politics, theology, economics and sociology of Central America. The program begins with intensive Spanish language training in Guatemala, moves to rural service projects Honduras, and then proceeds to Costa Rica, Nicaragua and El Salvador.

The trip emphasizes experiential and integrative learning; throughout the students' time in Central America they are holistically integrating their course material, faith and worldview convictions into their daily activities. Students gain a deepened awareness of how their beliefs and actions have social, political and ethical implications in the Latin American context.

Curriculum (20 credits):

  • Intensive Oral Spanish (200, 300, 400 levels) – Jan Term
  • Central American History
  • Development Strategies in Central America*
  • Globalization, Ecology and Gender in Central America*
  • The Church in Central America

*coursework in English with 400-level Spanish option

Application/Selection Process:
This program is offered every three years and is next offered in Jan Term and spring of 2011. Whitworth students will be invited to an informational session in spring 2010. The application process will open Jan. 15, 2010 and will close Feb. 15, 2010. Application requirements include a written essay, faculty and peer recommendations and an interview. Pre-requisites for participation in the program include:

  • Spanish proficiency at the 201 level and be enrolled in a Spanish course in the fall of 2010.
  • Enroll in PO 307 (Latin American Politics) and GE 303 (Central America Prep courses) during Fall 2010, earning a B or better with full attendance.

Whitworth tuition plus a program fee of $7,600.