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France Language and Culture Study Program

Throughout their travels to Saverne, Strasbourg, Paris, Caen, and Nice, students enrolled in the France: Language and Culture Study Program explore contemporary French culture, engage in intercultural and interfaith dialogue, and act as participant-observers in home stays, cultural interactions, and art history and production. The itinerary and content of the course vary depending upon the participating professors, so no two programs are alike.

Students take four consecutive three-credit courses based on the expertise of the participating faculty members. Past courses have focused on French language and culture, cross-cultural communication, French art from the 19th century forward.

Application/Selection Process:
This program is next offered in spring 2013. Whitworth students will take part in an informational session a year before the program begins, after which the online application becomes available. Students will be selected in spring 2012 based on the application, a written essay, faculty and peer recommendations, and an interview. Students selected to participate in the trip are enrolled in a preparatory course in fall 2012.

Whitworth tuition plus an estimated program fee of $9,000.