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Boeing Company Honors Whitworth Alumnus with Prestigious Fellowship

Tim Williams, a 1985 Whitworth alumnus, will be recognized for his engineering and aerospace expertise when he is inducted as a technical fellow of The Boeing Company in January 2004. His contributions to the company for the last 16 years will be formally recognized at the fourth annual Northwest Region Technical Honors Ceremony, to be held at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Wash.

Williams, who double-majored in physics and math at Whitworth, was selected as a technical fellow not only for his technical knowledge but also for his communication strengths, mentoring abilities, and leadership qualities.

Williams says his time at Whitworth and the professors he worked with were instrumental in his success today.

"Whitworth is truly outstanding," Williams says. "Lois Kieffaber (professor of physics) was my advisor for my last year; she wasn't always my professor, but she was always my mentor."

Williams, who also earned a master's degree in applied physics from the University of Washington, says his experience at Whitworth maintains a special importance for him.

"An education from Whitworth University is much more than simply earning a degree," Williams says. "It's a model of what other education institutions should be striving to achieve."

Since its creation in 1989, Boeing's Technical Fellowship Program has offered a career path option to the company's foremost scientific, technical and engineering employees. Williams was made an associate technical fellow less than a year ago and is one of the youngest such fellows at Boeing.

Fewer than 1.5 percent of Boeing's employees are members of the Technical Fellowship Program, established as part of the company's technical-excellence programs, which creates a community of leaders who help shape Boeing's future. There are three levels within the program: associate technical fellow, technical fellow, and senior technical fellow.

Acknowledged as leaders in establishing technical excellence in products and processes, individuals in the program are expected to continue to apply their expertise to the many technical challenges facing the aerospace industry, to mentor others, and to carry Boeing's commitment to technical excellence into the future.

"Our technical team is the foundation for the current and future success of our business, and these individuals have key roles in maintaining and enhancing our technical capabilities," says Hank Queen, vice president of engineering and product integrity at Boeing.

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