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Professor's New Book Connects Faith and Work

Professor of Politics & History Michael Le Roy, '89, has taught students at Whitworth, Wheaton College, and the College of William and Mary long enough to discover that many students feel a disconnection between their faith and working in the public sector. Le Roy, who began teaching at Whitworth last fall, is writing a new book addressing that dissonance. Acts of Faith in Public Life: Christian Vocation and Calling in a Post-Christian World will equip students with theological tools to work in public vocations and will include profiles of Christians who are leaders in public fields.

"Students who are serious about their Christian faith often feel that working in public vocations such as journalism, politics, business or the arts is less meaningful than working in so-called professional ministry," Le Roy says. "This book is intended to encourage students to take up public professions in the name of Christ, and to do so with the confidence that God is already at work in the places that He is calling us to."

In addition to Acts of Faith, Le Roy is the author of Comparative Politics, An Introduction (2002, 2nd edition, Wadsworth), a textbook which features a software program that allows students to critically analyze real data drawn from countries around the world.

"The book builds a bridge between undergraduate students and professional research in comparative politics," Le Roy says. "Faculty tell me that this is the first classroom tool that has allowed them to share the rich body of research with students in an interactive fashion."

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