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  • Convenient U-District location in downtown Spokane
  • All classes offered in the evenings
  • Option to complete in 1 or 2 years
  • Books provided free of charge and delivered the first night of class
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Meet the Faculty

Leadership Team

John Hengesh

John Hengesh

Director, Graduate Studies in Business

M.B.A., Idaho State University
B.S., University of Idaho

Why Whitworth?
I have seen the positive effects of Whitworth's "education of mind and heart" and the community's deep commitment to students and their success, and I enjoy being a part of it. Since my days as an adjunct instructor, the students in the undergraduate, continuing studies and MBA programs have been excellent to work with and dedicated to Whitworth's mission and their own personal improvement.

As a leader in business:
I am very fortunate in my career to have traveled the world; the experiences I gained in conducting business on a global basis were terrific. I retired from the corporate life with the mission to communicate my knowledge of business to the next generation of leaders. My position as a professor and director of the MBA program has allowed me to get to know our students well and to help them with their pursuit of knowledge and life-changing degrees.

How is Whitworth's MBA different than your own MBA experience?
I went to a large university for my graduate degree. The Whitworth experience is much different, as the professors and the students get to know each other very well both in and outside the classroom. This engagement has been a consistent part of the positive feedback we receive from our graduates.

A little about me:
I was one of three founders of the University of Idaho rugby team that will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2016, and I played for several other clubs across the Northwest during my 13-year rugby career. I've also floated over 50 different rivers across North America, both whitewater rafting and kayaking, and, during graduate school, I enjoyed my time as a professional guide on the Salmon River.

Career highlights:
John Hengesh joined Whitworth University in 2005 as an adjunct instructor, receiving the 2009 Contingent Faculty of the Year Award and becoming the director of Whitworth's MBA program in 2011. His 24-year corporate career was spent in the high technology sector, serving in the roles of vice president, general manager, chief financial officer, and chief operating officer. His valuable business-abroad experiences have enriched the contribution he brings to the classroom.

Tate White

Tate White

Assistant Director, Graduate Studies in Business

M.B.A., Gonzaga University
B.S., University of Idaho

The Whitworth difference:
The difference I see at Whitworth is the leadership and vision the university has for its MBA program. As the recruiter and advisor for Whitworth's MBA students, I bring my professional connections, knowledge, and business acumen to a program that leads to positive career and personal life changes for its graduates.

On professional development:
What drives me is a constant pursuit of excellence for the companies and organizations I've worked for. I've been fortunate to work for exceptional companies in the private sector and now with a respected university. Through my experiences, I hope to advance the acceptance of graduate management education and to continue to build relationships within the Spokane community.

A little about me:
Born of the mountains and baptized in the wild rivers of North Idaho, I grew up loving everything about the outdoors. I've been skiing in British Columbia by way of a heli-bump; I've swum with "Great Whites"; I've embraced a rhinoceros calf in South Africa; and I've traveled to 34 states, 18 countries, and five continents.

I see much of life through a lens of adventure, with a little bit of humor thrown in. I've slept at an airport outside of Barcelona, a train station in Milan, and an abandoned monastery overlooking Italy's Cinque Terre. It's just more interesting to travel that way, and you get to meet some really fascinating people.

Career highlights:
Before coming to Whitworth, Tate was employed by a large mining corporation headquartered in North Idaho, responsible for determining composition and value of ore tonnage through use of atomic absorption spectrographic analysis, wet method titration, and fire assay; a true science mind with business savvy, Tate earned his B.S. in economic geography from the University of Idaho.

He has held positions in the mining and nonprofit industries and in small businesses. In Spokane, he has been employed by Greater Spokane Incorporated, where he held positions in the economic development department, and by the Eastern Washington Procurement Technical Assistance Center, as a manager. In 2010, Tate says, he quickly found his calling at Whitworth as the assistant director of the graduate studies in business department.