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  • Convenient U-District location in downtown Spokane
  • All classes offered in the evenings
  • Option to complete in 1 or 2 years
  • Books provided free of charge and delivered the first night of class
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Sarah Brogden Thome

Sarah Brogden-Thome

MBA Alumna, '08

- Grew up in Spokane, Wash.
- B.A. in accounting & business management, Whitworth University
- Post MBA: Technical Recruiter, Amazon – Seattle, Wash.
- Board member: Make-a-Wish Foundation

Why an MBA?

When I arrived at Whitworth, the economy was moving in a positive direction. When I graduated, it was in turmoil. I made the decision to combine my undergraduate degrees in accounting and business with an MBA so that I would be able to differentiate myself, compete effectively, and launch my career in a very difficult job market.

How is it applicable today?

Now, more than ever, successful companies can select the very best people with the very best education. My MBA has positioned me in front of and apart from other applicants, and has provided opportunities for jobs for which I might otherwise not have been able to compete.

And a little something about your journey?

After completing my Whitworth MBA I was able to secure a job with one of the top five accounting firms in the country. I found accounting to be challenging, and it helped further instill a strong work ethic in me and helped prepare me for my next adventure, at one of the fastest-growing global-enterprise software companies in the market. After I'd developed my recruiting and sales acumen, I made the leap to the world's largest online retailer, Amazon.com, where I work today.