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Whitworth Theatre Student Creates, Directs Original Show about Genocide

Whitworth student Kathryn Mesaros, '08, has created a senior theatre project that reflects Whitworth's mission of providing an education of mind and heart.  For her project, "Again and Again," Mesaros drew from her major in theatre, along with her minors in leadership studies, psychology and German to construct a powerful message against genocide.

"Whitworth has made me more aware of issues facing the world," Mesaros says. "In many classes I have been challenged to look at and critique why something was the way it was. This has helped me to become more aware of the world around me and how I can make it better."

"Again and Again" is an inter-textual piece, meaning Mesaros brought texts together from books, songs and poetry to create an original script. The script incorporates both English and German languages and includes firsthand accounts from survivors of genocide, quotes from bystanders and rescuers, poems and song lyrics. Mesaros has applied her knowledge of leadership theory to her direction of the 45-minute piece, which will be performed in April by Whitworth students Courtney Alfrey, '10, Daniel Mathews, '09, Nicholas Kemner, '11, Rachel Ewing, '10 and Becky Davis, '10, with Theresa Hindersinn, '10, as the stage manager.

Mesaros has worked as the stage manager for a number of Whitworth main-stage productions. After graduating in May, she plans to move to Virginia to work at Busch Gardens Europe as the stage manager for the Irish dance show "Emerald Beats" and for a second show that has not yet been determined. When the five-and-a-half-month job at Busch Gardens Europe concludes, Mesaros plans to continue to pursue her dream of becoming a stage manager.

"Theatre can be a great way to raise awareness on different issues," Mesaros says, "and my goal is to use theatre and stage management to do so."


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