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Keith Wyma
(1998-present) associate professor of philosophy
Hello, all! Forrest has described our exciting new hire and our impending independence as a philosophy department, so I'll skip those topics, except to say I'm really going to miss the close community with my colleagues on the theology side. It's been a pleasure, a privilege and an education working with them.

Now, then, on to the news of Haus Wyma West: In last year's newsletter I said, "So, while in the past I may have thought I was busy, I can now say that, prior to this year, I had no idea what 'busy' really was! Tanya and I have both found ourselves stretched this year." And the weird thing is, that's actually true again. Rose and Hope are now two and a half, so whatever I thought "busy" meant last year, I now recognize as wholly inadequate. The girls are filled with zest and energy and are talking a lot; they amaze us every few days with some new concept or activity they've mastered. Because they can be overwhelming, though, we've relied on several fine Whitworth students to provide a couple of hours' help a day for Tanya, while I'm at school. (So, if you're reading this and have been one of our helpers, thanks!) Ian's 9 and in third grade, Colin's 6 and is in kindergarten. What with all the snow this winter, the boys and I skied often; that's one of my great joys in life. Unfortunately, Tanya has had some health struggles this year, which made care of the girls even more challenging. We certainly would appreciate prayer support regarding her health.

In school news, last fall I taught Social and Political Philosophy for the first time. Social/political is closely connected to my specialization, ethics, so I was glad to expand into this new area in my teaching. The course is also cross-listed with political science, and I look forward to fruitfully exploring this inter-departmental connection. The biggest school news for me, though, is that our Ethics Bowl team, the Philosoraptors (great name, eh?) coached by Mike Ingram and myself, finally won the Northwest Regional last November! The team went undefeated, beating Montana State for the championship. Because we won, we qualified for the National Bowl, in Cincinnati this March. The team prepared and argued well, and we went undefeated through the first three rounds; we lost in the quarterfinals to defending national champion Clemson by the slimmest of margins, and so ended up tying for fifth in the nation. I'm so proud of the team: Dan Herve, Kelly Vincent, Chris Caldwell, Heather Stevens, and Nicole Holland. They really impressed the bowl organizers, too: Mike and I received many compliments on the skill, composure and demeanor of our team. Because we spent so much time together, training and traveling and such, I finally feel like I understand the bonds Forrest and others experience with students on study tours. Those students have made a deep and lasting impact in my life. What a joy it was to work with them! And next year, we're on the hunt to win it all!

That's it from me. Farewell to the TH grads, since we won't have the same newsletter after this. May the Lord bless you all!

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