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Kent McDonald
(2000-present) assistant professor of theology 2008-2009 has been a very exciting year!

This year our middle daughter Morgan headed off to Seattle Pacific University for her freshman year. I'm sad it wasn't Whitworth…but SPU is my alma mater, so I can't be too sad. Furthermore, my oldest daughter Lauren graduates in just a few weeks from Whitworth. And if that isn't enough, she is getting married in August! Linda and I couldn't be happier for her. On top of that, our third daughter Clarin graduates from high school and heads off to college. So, in September, Linda and I will be empty nesters. That's a lot of change. What are we going to do with ourselves? Ha!

Our Whitworth Young Life Training Program is still going strong and we are looking for ways to continually bring the best ministry training possible. This year, I am part of a team that has been working hard to restructure our ministry training on campus. We keep working to better prepare our students to meet the needs of the church and ministry. Our hope is to have the most prepared students stepping out into the world. In the fall we will launch one of our new programs, Foundations for Christian Leadership.

I have continued my study on the theology of the cross and I am working on how to communicate its depths in light of the emerging generation of young people, who are moved more by drama and story and less by facts and rationalism. I used this study to develop a new series of Gospel messages for young people and in June I had the privilege to share these new messages for a month at Young Life's Timberwolf Lodge, in upstate Michigan. The response was overwhelming and many kids stepped into the story of God!

I am working with Whitworth's African Initiative Team to develop a semester-long program in Tanzania. Our hope is to develop partnerships with churches, ministries and other agencies to meet the deep needs in East Africa. We are building the institutional infrastructure here at Whitworth to support and sustain the initiatives we are developing, and are researching how students and professors can to go to Tanzania not only to learn and understand its problems, but to also provide practical expertise and support in such areas as economic development, water projects, small business assistance, health and education, conflict resolution, and church ministry training and service. This is a huge and exciting endeavor. Pray for us!

Peace, Kent

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