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Moses Pulei
(2007-present) Instructor in the Department of Theology

Some of you remember our days at Whitworth. It is surreal to walk into the department meeting and sit next to Roger or Jerry as colleagues. I came back to Whitworth after doing my M.Div. and Ph.D. work at Fuller Seminary. My dissertation is a theological critique of the prosperity gospel, which disguises itself in Pentecostalism. It has been a great joy researching and interacting with pastors and communities in Africa who embraced Word-Faith theology and who are now asking tough theological questions of the movement.

One of the things Whitworth has allowed me to do is continue having a deep involvement in Africa. I have spent almost six months in Africa in the two academic years I have been here. My family and I travel to Kenya and Tanzania and hold seminars for pastors, evangelists and Sunday school teachers. My wife, Brittany, enjoys teaching early childhood education and she has had a big impact on many in East Africa who teach the Bible to children. I have taken student groups to Tanzania twice. In January 2008 I took three students and this past January I took 22 students. It was a joy to be home with students from Whitworth.

In the fall of this year, Dr. Clayton Schmit and I will hold a Global Preaching Symposium in Tanzania. We received a grant through the LUCE Foundation for this project. We are bringing together homileticians from all over the world. During the symposium, people from India, Malaysia, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, the Philippines, the U.K and the U.S. will present papers, which will eventually end up in a book that Schmit and I will co-edit. We hope the book will be out by April 2010. Blessings to you and your families.

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