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Ron White (1974-1981), Professor Emeritus of Theology
Dear Whitworth Family,

The publication of A. Lincoln: A Biography, by Random House, on Jan. 13, 2009, began an almost nonstop author tour of lectures and book signing events over the last four months that will continue for much of this year. 2009 is also the bicentennial of the birth of Abraham Lincoln. A bright light has been shone on Lincoln by President Barack Obama, who has credited Lincoln as his model. Obama first wrote about Lincoln in The Audacity of Hope. By various symbolic acts, such as choosing to use the so-called Lincoln Bible in his inauguration, he has heightened awareness of our most respected president.

All along the way, from Florida to Vermont and from Minnesota to Mississippi, I have reconnected with alumni/ae who reminded me of classes and conversations from our special days together at Whitworth. Of the many windows that I have attempted to open on Lincoln, none has been more satisfying than allowing contemporary audiences to sense and see Lincoln's faith journey, so long obscured by historians and biographers. On several occasions, former students and friends, now pastors, have put on Lincoln events on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, thereby attracting folk to their churches who might not come to Sunday morning worship.

On Sunday, May 17, I will be honored to offer the Commencement address at Whitworth in the Spokane Arena. This ceremony will bring full circle my indebtedness to and appreciation of Whitworth.

Grace and Peace,
Ron White

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