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Dale Bruner
, (1975-1997) professor emeritus of theology
Dear Brothers and Sisters:

The last year has been given completely to writing my commentary on John's Gospel. I love the work. I am so grateful to Dr. David Bundy, the chief librarian at Fuller Theological Seminary, for giving me a locked little room on the top floor of the new Hubbard Library where I can burrow away and do the work. This was so gracious of him! I have just finished John chapter 18. Now only chapters 19-21 and 1:1-18 (the prologue to the Gospel) remain to be written, and then to read the few remaining monographs and special studies, with the goal of submitting the finished work to Eerdmans by about the end of the year. Every Sunday during the 2008 school year I taught the whole Book of Revelation in our "Good News" Sunday School class at our dear church, First Presbyterian Hollywood, and it was the single most difficult teaching experience of my life. Kathy edits every word I write in John, always for the better, helping me to get rid of excess verbiage or to make my theology more thoughtful. I am so grateful for her passionate love for theology, something she picked up from reading all 14 volumes of Karl Barth's Church Dogmatics (which she loved). At my urging, she recently finished John Calvin: The Institutes of the Christian Religion, and she was underwhelmed. I am working to "reform" her! Our younger son, Michael, has begun his Ph.D. studies at Fuller Seminary, with the good Bill Dyrness, in theology and culture. Michael continues to be a favorite teacher at Azusa Pacific University. He and Jenna and their precious little three-year old daughter, Arabelle, have moved right near to us here in Pasadena, which makes us so happy!

We are so grateful for the deep impact Whitworth University is making on students, particularly through the ministries of President Bill Robinson (whom we just heard here in Pasadena, and once again he was superb!) and the comparable ministry of the theology and philosophy department (so grateful for the recent letter exchange with Jim Edwards!). Thank you for your fidelity to Jesus Christ, to the center, and to the apostles' wonderful news about him.

Let me close with this little vignette on Jesus and the apostles. Jay Leno did and said a beautiful thing when he joined the Hollywood writers' strike last year in their front row on the street and spoke just three sentences, which I memorized: "I've been working with these guys for 20 years. Without them I'm not funny. I'm a dead man." I can just hear Jesus saying the same things about his apostles: "I've been working with these guys for three years. Without them I'm not history. I'm a dead man." Even if Jesus had risen, but "these guys" had not written their deep, deep Gospels and Epistles, Jesus would have been an oral-history myth, not history, and the loss would have been incalculable. But with his Spirit's big help, they wrote their classics, and Jesus IS history and is very alive indeed! Blessings in his name, dear friends!

Fraternally, Dale

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